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What you need to know, for renting a vehicle at RentADrive.pt - Rent a Car Madeira

General and emergency contacts
In case of any event such as accident, please call us to the number (+351) 960 003 997.
Emergency number in Madeira Island is 112.

Vehicles accidents and damages.
- In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accidents involving your car, it is important that details are reported to us immediately calling to (+351) 960 003 997.
- In the event of an accident you must also complete an accident report form by the end of the rental period.
- Local police (Call 112) should also be notified in the case of accidents/injuries and a signed police report obtained.
- Full details of third parties should also be obtained.
- You are not given authority to repair a vehicle, and should retain copies of all rental documentation in the event an insurance company is involved.
- Your insurance cover may be invalidated if this procedure is not followed correctly and this may prejudice any claim for compensation.
Obvious errors and obvious typographical errors are not binding. For example, if you book a car that was mistakenly offered for EUR 1, your reservation may be canceled and we will refund any amount you paid.
 Delivery’s collection and replacement:
- When picking and delivering, a visual check for damages will be made in the presence of the client.
- Vehicles must be returned with the same fuel level as delivered, additional fuel when returning will not be reimbursed.
- All locations for picking and delivery will be according to the reservation made.
- Changes of location is possible but contact must be made with 24 hours in advance.
- If needed, vehicles can be replaced by other of the same group or superior depending on availability.
Vehicles images shown on the booking process are for group identification only. Exterior/interior features and colours may be different from the actual vehicle being rented.

Drivers and passengers’ requirements.
- Drivers age below 21 or over 70 years old must be approved by us in a prior contact. All drivers must have a valid driver’s licence for the rented vehicle and must be within the expiry date.
The number of passengers is limited to the vehicle official seats.
- The full insurance is valid for driver and passengers.

RentADrive.pt - Rent a Car Madeira has various types of payments in some situations there might be deposit fees or other kind of anticipated payments:
- When making online reservations we have available the following payment methods:
- Cash or Pay at Pick-Up, PayPal and PayPal express, Visa, Mastercard, wire transfer and we have a mobile card Machine for payments on the spot!
- Pay at Pick-Up is done when collecting the vehicle and can be made by cash, debit card or credit card.

Prices, taxes and rental period
- All prices include taxes according to the Portuguese financial Terms ,
- Extra cover is provided as an extra (not mandatory, all our vehicles are insured), find them on your reservation form at the time of booking.
- (please check "What is not included").
- The minimal rental period is 24 hours. If the return date is not respected additional cost can be applied and authorities will be notified as "missing/stolen car".

*Can i Book without a credit card :
You can book without a credit card for that you will need to add extra cover, if not we reserve the right to lock the excess amount on your credit card or ask for a deposit depending on the terms agreed , according to vehicle categories on the list bellow.


Excess Responsibilities

When you purchase the BASIC Package, it is included in the price of the car rental or third-party insurance, and you are responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle, regardless of the value of the deductible.(see the list bellow)
Depending of the group of vehicle, the renter will be responsible for the following excess amount when booking the Basic cover rates unless extra cover added EX:s(CDW) :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Group A 800.00€
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Group A+ 900€
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Group B 1200
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Group B Auto 1250
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • GrupoB+ 1250€
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • GrupoB Auto 1350€
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Group C Auto 1500€
Please note that in case of accident/collision with another vehicle the renter must call immediately the local authorities and then call RentADrive.pt in order to obtain the report of the accident (phone number for Portugal: 112). Also, if the Police Report and the “Declaração Amigável” properly signed by both drivers are not delivered to RentADrive.pt Rent a Car Madeira the renter will be charged for all damages and your insurance cover will be VOID.
We reserve the right to accept third party Insurance. (Example credit card insurance)

What is not included?
- Car interior damage, lost keys or damaged tools, misfuelling tank, wheels and tires, windows and mirrors Lights, towing services,your belongings (anything left in the car, including the boot and glovebox) and taxi or transfer services if not authorized by us.
- Garaging, parking and traffic fines is driver’s responsibility.

Can I take the hired car to Porto Santo Island by Ferry?
No the customer is not allowed to take the car to Porto Santo Island by ferry. Our Vehicles are not allowed to leave the Madeira Island.
Collection Fees
Bookings of 6 days or less, a cost of €20 will be applied for the vehicle delivery/collection service. For bookings of 7 days or more, this service is free.
Special offers my apply for free delivery at the airport or in Funchal.

Season Prices
Prices may change during high seasons such as Christmas/end of the year, Easter, Flower Festival, Summer or other events and special dates due to the high demand for vehicles.

 Picking up the vehicles and delivering
The customer will receive the vehicle, with the maintenance carried out and in good cleaning conditions, with the respective mandatory documentation - including the rental contract and must return it in the same conditions in which it was received.
- The vehicle will be delivered according to the location informed when you confirmed your reservation voucher when booking was confirmed.
- If the option was airport, a RentADrive.pt - Rent a Car Madeira employee will be waiting outside.
- Flight delays are not covered in the price and additional fees can be charged if not prior selected.
The costs for pickup and drop off are 20€ to booking with 6 or less days.
Vehicles must never be abandoned upon return. All liabilities will be charged to the customer including all the legal responsabilities.

 Rental cancelations procedures
Cancelations must be informed by email or phone/WhatsApp 48 hours before the rental start date.
Cancellation policy:
It can be canceled or changed 48 hours before the start of your reservation, with the refund of the amounts paid being made using the same method in which the payment was made, deducting the respective bank and administrative expenses of 25.00€

 However, if you have already collected your vehicle, made payment and decide to return it ahead of schedule, our policy is no refunds.
In car rental, a no-show is a situation where the renter fails to cancel the booking and does not show up for the reservation.

There will be a charge to a no-show situation where the customer will be liable to all the charges including penalties administarative fees and rental period charges.

Full terms and conditions - read carefully :

General Conditions of the Rental Agreement
PEDRO & NINO GOMES LDA , NIPC 517180197, limited company, with registered office at Caminho da Achada 101 R/C Dº 9000-208, Funchal, hereinafter referred to as RentADdrive with the address of the service desk at Caminho da Igreja Nova nº 8 São Roque 9020-312 Funchal , rents to the Customer identified on page 1 of this contract the vehicle described therein under the terms and conditions specified in the Rental Agreement, of which the Client becomes aware, agrees, and with the signature on the same, undertakes to observe and respect.

Article 1 - Use of the vehicle.
1-The Customer must use the vehicle with due diligence, according to the characteristics of the same, respecting the traffic rules applicable to motor vehicles and in accordance with the traffic Code and other applicable legislation and avoiding, in any case, any situation that may cause damage to the vehicle or third parties.
2-It is also the obligation of the Customer not to allow the driving of the vehicle to a person other than those who are authorized in accordance with this rental agreement, being the Customer, the direct responsible for any damage or loss occurred in the vehicle or in third parties, if it allows this to happen. In any situation in which the provisions of this Clause are not complied with, there will be and is understood as unauthorized use.
3-The Customer is entirely responsible for the damage caused to the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle by the unauthorized use of the same, and in that case will be obliged to pay all expenses made in accordance with the provisions of these General Conditions.
4- In the event that there is a legal action covering the above situations, the Client will pay all legal expenses, including court costs, lawyers' and solicitors' fees, and, in case of conviction, the respective compensation that is fixed by judgment.
5- Unauthorized use includes, without limitation, the following cases:
a) Push or tow any other vehicle.
b) Circulate in places that are not suitable for public transport, such as beaches, motor racing circuits, forest paths, private roads, dirt roads, gravel roads or that are not suitable for car traffic.
c) Driving on unpaved or paved roads, but with serious deficiencies, which may cause damage to the underside of the vehicle.
d) Circulate with the vehicle through prohibited areas, specifically, airport runways and other routes associated with the use of civil and military aviation.
e) Recklessness disregarding information transmitted on the dashboard, instruments or warning light signs of vehicle malfunction.
f) Transport of goods or animals and in particular of substances which are dangerous, flammable and/or harmful to the vehicle and its occupants.
g) The transport of persons or goods that directly or indirectly imply, in return, a payment to the Customer.
h) The subrental of the vehicle.
i) The use of the vehicle in any activity contrary to the law.
j) The carriage of a number of persons or more luggage than authorized for the vehicle.
k) Any type of manipulation or intervention in the odometer, as well as the malfunction of the same, which must be reported to RentADrive.
l) Transport of luggage or any physical element on the roof of the vehicle, even using a device of its own.
m) Leave objects in sight in the vehicle that are likely to be stolen with consequent damage to the vehicle.
n) Dirtying the interior of the vehicle beyond what implies a normal and careful use of it.
o) Driving the vehicle in a state of fatigue, illness or under the influence of alcohol, medicines or drugs.
p) Reckless driving.
q) Use of the vehicle for driving learning activities, under any circumstances, and or the teaching of any special driving technique.
r) Driving contrary to the legal rules of road traffic.
s) Driving the rented vehicle by a person not authorised in the contract, either as Customer/s and/or additional driver/s.
t) Driving the vehicle outside the geographical limits established in the particular conditions for the service station of origin of the rental.
u) Use of the vehicle after the rental period has ended.
6- Unauthorized use by the Customer will provide RentADrive with the right to terminate the Rental Agreement in advance for culpable breach of the same, imputing to it, if applicable, the respective compensation for losses and damages.

Article 2 - Condition of the vehicle
1 - The Customer expressly declares and acknowledges that the Car object of this contract is in good working order and without apparent defects, in addition to those described in the section of page 1 of the same contract "State of the Vehicle", which is an integral part of this contract and which is hereby fully reproduced for all purposes and that received the vehicle, equipped with five tires in good condition and without punctures, committing the customer to return the vehicle in the condition in which it was delivered. In case of deterioration of any of the tires, for reasons unrelated to their normal use, the Customer may be obliged to proceed immediately, at his own expense paying himself, to the replacement, by tire with the same characteristics and of the same brand, depending on the insurance contracted.
2 - The Customer may not modify any technical characteristic of the vehicle and/or accessory, nor make any modifications on the outside or inside of the vehicle, otherwise the Customer shall bear the expenses related to the replacement of the vehicle to its original state, as well as the damages and losses caused to RentADrive.
3-the Customer shall also take all necessary protective measures to keep the vehicle in the same condition in which it was delivered, namely, must regularly check the state of oil, water, tire pressure, and any anomaly verified in the instrument panel.

Article 3 - Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
1-The normal maintenance of mechanics resulting from normal use is on behalf of RentADdrive All occasional repairs occurring for direct cause attributable to the Customer, or even for an accidental cause, may be at the Customer's expense depending on the insurance contracted and executed by RentADdrive or by whom it indicates.
2-If the Customer becomes aware of the existence of any technical problem in the vehicle, he must immobilize it and immediately contact RentADdrive for our service contact available 24 hours.
3-RentADdrive is not responsible for losses of time suffered by accident or breakdown that may delay or interrupt the Customer their vacation and or trip.

Article 4 - Fuel
1-The vehicle is delivered attested (full) fuel and must be returned also attested(full).
The fuel policy used by RentADrive is, full to full which consists solely of the delivery of a vehicle with the full fuel tank, and the Customer must return the vehicle to RentADrive at the agreed place of delivery, also with the full tank and must process the check-in of the vehicle for the purpose of checking the fuel.
2-In addition, the Customer must provide a security deposit at the time of rental equivalent to the value of the fuel tank that will be refunded after the return of the vehicle after verifying the correct compliance with the conditions of this offer.
3-If the obligation to return the car with the full tank is not fulfilled by the Customer, it will be deducted from the deposit the amount of fuel that RentADrive has to supply until attesting the deposit, plus the rates listed in table II attached, namely administrative fee and travel.
4-If the deposit is less than the amount debited, the Customer accepts and already authorizes that the difference is charged on your credit card, and consequently, on your personal account.
5-In the case of introduction of fuel of a type other than that used by the vehicle, the Customer is responsible for the expenses inherent to the full replacement of the fuel, disassembly and washing of the tank, tuning of the engine and other damages caused to the vehicle, without opposition to its amounts.

Article 5 - Insurance and Coverage
1- The rental rates include the coverage of the Compulsory Automobile Insurance and Civil Liability for damages and losses against third parties derived from the use and circulation of the vehicle. These coverages are guaranteed and are assumed by the insurance company with which RentADdrive has contracted the corresponding insurance policy and are subject to the general and particular clauses of the same and the law in force. By signing the rental agreement, the Customer adheres as an insured to the aforementioned policy, the conditions of which are at his disposal at the RentADdrive rental station.
2-The rental rates also include the RentADdrive Basic Protection which includes damage caused to the vehicle as a result of:
a) Collision;
b) Theft;
c) Fortuitous Arson or Act of Vandalism,
 The RentADdrive Basic Protection always contemplates a deductible for said damages for which the customer is directly responsible. The deductible referred to must be guaranteed by paying the corresponding deposit or by contracting an Additional Coverage.
3-The RentADdrive Basic Protection will be valid as long as the following conditions are met:
a) That the Customer, in the event of a collision, send to RentADdrive within forty-eight hours after the accident, the complete data of the other party and possible witnesses, filling out an accident report, in the form of an 'Friendly Declaration of Motor Accident' -DAAA – detailing the license plate, name and address of the other party, the circumstances of the collision, a sketch of the accident, the name of the insurer and, whenever possible, the insurance policy number, all signed by the two drivers involved in the accident, or, if you do not have it, the 'Claim Report', which will be facilitated by RentADdrive.
b) That the insurance company does not reject the responsibility for the assumption of the claim, as a result of driving the vehicle in the physical and psychological conditions required by the Traffic Code.
c) That the collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism has not occurred during the course of an unauthorized use, such as those mentioned in article 1 or by act or omission in violation of any of the conditions contemplated in this contract.
d) That the Customer has informed RentADdrive about the collision, theft, fire or act of vandalism produced within forty-eight hours of the accident, providing the relevant documentation (accident report, complaint to the authorities, etc.).
3- Additional Protection.
The rental rates do not include, unless expressly contracted, the various Additional Protections, which contemplates the reduction of the customer's liability in the deductible, at the time of rental, the Customer may opt for complementary protection insurance:
a) C.D.W (Own Damage Insurance): Allows you to reduce to the value of the mandatory deductible in the event of a collision. Value per day. (if there is the existence of reckless driving or deliberate violation of the terms and conditions mentioned in the rental agreement, the Customer will be responsible for the damages caused by collision and rollover in the vehicle paying a deductible amount according to the tables attached to this contract).
b) TP (Theft Coverage): Allows you to reduce to the value of the mandatory deductible in the case of theft. Value per day. (If there is reckless driving or deliberate violation of the terms and conditions mentioned in the rental agreement, the customer will be responsible for the total or partial theft in the vehicle.) payment of a deductible according to the tables attached to this agreement.
c) P.A.I (Occupants Insurance): In case of accident the driver and other passengers will have a coverage for medical treatment expenses up to 1,000.00 Euros, in case of death or permanent disability coverage of 10,000.00 Euros.
d) C.P.J (Tire and Rim Coverage): This insurance when previously contracted covers damage to the tires and rims and exempts the driver(s) for damage to the rims and tires of the vehicle, unless they result from the improper use you make of the vehicle.
e) C.P (Partial Coverage): Allows to reduce to the value of the partial deductible in the case of damage and or theft of the vehicle and or its components.
f) SUPER C.D.W: If previously contracted, it allows to reduce to the value of the deductible to ZERO in the case of accident or auto theft.
g) In case of an accident due to speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics, the C.D.W, C.P and SUPER C.D.W., are ineffective, paying the Customer the full costs of repair and compensation corresponding to the stoppage time of the crashed vehicle.
3-The value of the mandatory excess fee is always due, unless the SUPER C.D.W. is contracted.
4- The values for insurance presented are those listed in table II in vigor and are values per day.

Article 6 - Rental, Security Deposit and Extension.
1-The rental prices are determined by table I, rates in vigor and include VAT at the rate in vigor.
2-When booking the rental the Customer must pay as a guarantee of reservation, 50% of the value of the rental. Only after payment of this amount the reservation is considered. (Only after you receive your confirmation reservation voucher your rental is guaranteed, if you don’t have it RentADrive consider it null).
3-The reservation made may be canceled at any time before the pick-up of the vehicle, however, the deposit made for reservation guarantee is non-refundable. The same happens in the cases of "NO-SHOW" of the Client.
4-The deposit can not serve to extend the rental. If the Customer wishes to extend the rental period, he/she must go to the premises of RentADdrive or contact rentadrives@rentadrive.pt email, at least 48 hours in advance, and obtain a new contract, thus extending the rental period. The extension will always be subject to the approval of RentADdrive. If it is not possible to extend the contract, the Customer undertakes to deliver the vehicle on the date, place and time agreed in the contract in vigor, under penalty of filing a criminal complaint for theft, damage or abuse of trust.
5-The rental day is considered for each period of 24 hours.
6-The minimum rental is 1 day, 24 hours.
7-Rentals are only made to drivers with a minimum of one year of driving license and 18 years of age. RentADrive Reserves the right to cancel or deny Access to a rental to drivers with 25 years or less of age and less than 3 years drivers license in their name-Special conditions apply.
8-Drivers aged between 18 and 22 years will be considered young drivers and are subject to the rate "young driver" according to table I.
9-If the Customer decides to terminate the contract in advance, the amount corresponding to the days in which he did not enjoy the vehicle will be fully retained as compensation.
10-RentADdrive may decide to terminate the rental before the date indicated on page 1 of the contract, if it verifies the misuse of the vehicle and / or violation of the provisions of the contract and seize the vehicle at any time and without prior notice, at the expense of the Customer.

Article 7 - Liabilities and Payments
1-During the rental, the Customer may be responsible for damage caused to the interior, tires and other parts of the vehicle.
2-The Customer is solely responsible for fines, misdemeanors and proceedings brought against him, the documents and the keys of the vehicle. The loss of documents and/or keys of the vehicle during the rental will originate the payment for its replacement according to the attached table III.
3-RentADdrive is not responsible for any type of objects or goods left in the vehicle.
4-The Client expressly undertakes to pay the amounts due from the conclusion of the contract to RentADrive, namely:
a) The price due for the rental of the vehicle, depending on the rental period according to our table I;
b) Any and all charges related to supplementary insurance, if contracted, established by our table of insurance and deductibles;
c) The extras, if contracted, namely baby seat / child seat, additional driver, young driver fee, night rate, GPS and deliveries in other places, according to what is established in our tables;
d) All fees due under all previouslines and also fines, judicial or extrajudicial expenses, derived from traffic violations or other violation of law imputed to the vehicle during the use of the Customer.
5-The credit card with which the reservation has been made must be presented by its holder at the time of delivery of the vehicle. The credit card holder must be the person who will be listed as the holder of the rental contract, therefore, the driver of the vehicle.
6-The value of the Reservation Guarantee is non-refundable in case of cancellation.
7-The payment of the rental of the vehicle, insurance, optional protections, taxes, fees and other additional that the Customer has contracted, will be made in the local currency.
8-Payment Method accepted
- Credit cards
- Vouchers and Bank Transfer.
9-Be in possession of valid identification documents.

Article 8 - Return of the Vehicle
1-The Customer, in addition to having the obligation to return the vehicle, at the place, date and time established on page 1 of the contract and in perfect condition, undertakes not to abandon the vehicle. If the vehicle is abandoned, RentADdrive requires the Customer to pay for:
a) the amount of the rental corresponding to the days required for repair of the vehicle and making it available for hire;
b) A daily compensation according to Table III, relating to the economic damage caused by the immobilisation of the vehicle.
c) The costs of towing to the place agreed in the contract for the return of the vehicle.
2-RentADdrive reserves the right to propose legal actions in case of disappearance / abandonment / non-return of the vehicle, among others, before the competent authorities, falling on the Customer all responsibility for the legal and legal consequences that may arise including the payment of court costs, fines and fines.
3-The rental ends on the day and place fixed in the contract signed by the Customer.
4-The grace period in the return of the vehicle will be 59 minutes, after which RentADrive reserves the right to charge an amount per hour up to a maximum of 6 hours according to table II.

Article 9 - Personal Data
1-Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data.
Pedro & Nino Gomes Lda, NIPC 517180197, limited company, with registered office at Caminho da Achada 101 R/C Dº 900-208, Funchal email info@rentadrive.pt.
Law 58/2019 of August 8 that ensures the implementation in the national legal order of the European Regulation 2016/679
2- In accordance with the provisions of the European Regulation 2016/679, General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data, as well as any applicable national law, we inform you that at RentADdrive we process the personal data you provide us for the following purposes:
a) Manage the contractual relationship consistent with the rental of vehicles.
b) Manage and invoice car rental.
c) Manage possible incidents, including the occurrence of claims during the rental period of the vehicle.
d) Manage the procedures and administrative communications that may derive from the contractual relationship.
e) To keep you punctually informed, by e-mail or any other equivalent means, of all offers, products, services and promotions, own or of third parties, that may be of interest to you.
3-Data retention period.
We inform you that your data will be kept for as long as it is necessary for the provision of the services or contractual relationship, and as long as, in any case, you do not request its deletion, as well as the time necessary to comply with the legal obligations corresponding to each case, according to each type of data.
4- The legitimacy for the processing of your personal data is:
-Legal basis for the processing of your personal data for the procedures (a), (b), (c) and (d) indicated above in Clause 2 is based on the performance of a contract with RentADrive and in relation to the services you have requested from us.
-Likewise, the legal basis for the processing of your personal data for the procedures indicated in points (e) of the same Clause, is based on the express consent granted for each purpose at the time of collection of your personal data that you provide to us through vehicle reservations.
-Your personal data will be transferred to third parties to process the payment of the reservations made (e.g. banking and/or financial entities that own the means of payment used, payment platforms).
-In addition, RentADrive may transfer your data to insurance companies for the management and processing of claims occurring during the rental period.
-In addition, your data may also be transferred to public bodies and authorities (administrative or judicial) in those cases where a legal regulation so establishes.
-You have the right to access your personal data, as well as to request the rectification of incorrect data or, when necessary, to request its deletion when, among other reasons, the data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected.
-In certain circumstances, you may request the limitation of the processing of your data, in which case we will only keep them to exercise or contest claims.
-In certain circumstances and for reasons related to your particular situation, you may object to the processing of your data. RentADrive will cease to process the data, except for reasons justified, imperatively, by the Law, or for the exercise or contestation of possible claims.
-Likewise, you can exercise the right to data portability, as well as revoke the consents provided at any time, without this affecting the legality of the treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal.
We remind you that we can directly obtain your personal data through social networks, in the case of registering or logging in to our website www.rentadrive.pt , with your Facebook profile, Twitter Instagram Linkedin or Google.

Article 10 -Management service VIA VERDE
1- By subscribing to this service, RentADdrive provides the Customer with a Via Verde identifier owned by the Vehicle, installed on the windshield of the Vehicle, which is responsible for the full payment of the value of all toll fees imputed to the use of the Car during the rental.
2- For payment purposes, the Customer must provide a valid credit card, ensuring in the corresponding bank account sufficient balance to meet the amounts due, and the debit of the same may occur at a later time to the detection of use of road infrastructures, accepting the Customer that the respective debits occur after the end of the Rental Agreement.
3- In accordance with the preceding paragraph, if it is impossible for RentADdrive to collect the amounts due for toll fees, RentADdrive will inform the concessionaires and/or competent authorities of the impossibility of payment, and they are responsible for the coercive collection of such amounts and other associated costs.
4- The Customer is also responsible for the correct functioning and conservation, in perfect condition, of the Via Verde Identifier, and may not in any case remove said equipment from the place where it is installed, and in case of anomaly go to our RentADdrive station for its replacement.
5- The non-subscription of this service determines the responsibility of the Customer for the transpositions of the toll gates, under the terms defined by Law no. 25/2006 of 30 June, in its wording in force.

Article 11 - Customer Support
To make any request for information, assistance or submit any suggestion, complaint or complaint, you can contact the following:
1-RentADdrive Station on the New Church Path No. 8, 9020-312 São Roque, Funchal, Madeira PORTUGAL, or also contact us through our email info@rentadrive.pt, phone +351 960 003 997 and through our contact form on our website http://www.rentadrive.pt.
2-Without prejudice to the preceding paragraph, the Customer may submit his Complaint, in the Physical Complaints Book available at our Station, or through the Electronic Complaints Book, available on https://www.livroreclamacoes.pt/inicio.
3-In situations where the customer, in his capacity as "consumer" (in accordance with the applicable regulations), is not satisfied with the response obtained from the customer service, you can request free of charge the support of a consumer mediator using:
Online conflict resolution or social networks.
AMT - Mobility and Transport Authority
CNIACC - National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts
CIAB - Consumer Arbitration Tribunal
DGC-DGeneral Consumer

Article 12- Applicable Law and Forum
The rental contract is made in accordance with Portuguese Laws.
Any disagreements will be competent the Judicial Court of the District of Madeira, waiving any other.

Article 13 - Validity of the Rental
Any and all changes to the terms and articles of this Agreement that have not been agreed to in writing shall be null and void.

Article 14. Traduction.
The translations of these General Conditions and the Particular Terms of Rental are merely informative and do not have a legally binding character in their entirety, having validity only their version in Portuguese.
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